At Canwest Telephone Company we provide an array of telecommunication services to assist our customers in the betterment of their company’s communication. Wether you’re moving, upgrading, need cabling, or have a unique telecommunication project requirements, our sales team will meet with you to asses your needs and provide you with a quote. Our manufacturer trained, experienced technicians have the skills necessary to execute any level and type of installation. From small office systems, to corporate exchanges, extended care telecommunication integration to call centre call queuing, we can take care of your organizations needs.


Here at Canwest Telephone Company we specialize in Panasonic telecommunications equipment. Over the past 30 years we’ve been in service we’ve strategically selected Panasonic as our primary product line. We fell it offers you, the customer, an optimal balance of features and price. The lineup of Panasonic telecommunications equipment can be configured to fit any size of business or project. Whether you’re a 3 employee small office or a organization of 120 strong, our sales staff would be happy to help you maximize your office communications.

Do you already have a phone system that is not Panasonic? Do you need service or installation of that equipment? We would be happy to help you out. Please call and speak with one of our staff. We will let you know how Canwest Telephone Company can service your needs.

Telecommunications Equipment Installers Repair


No one likes moving. Theres always so many different people involved and so much to keep track of. Let us help. Canwest Telephone Company can take care of the relocation of your telephone and/or voicemail systems, the cabling in your new office, and the coordination with your telephone line service provider, all at the same time. No need to wait on hold for 45 minutes to place an order to move your lines and internet connection to a new address. We’ll do that for you. Make your move less stressful and hire us to take care of part of it.

Office Move


Cabling is an integral part of any proper communication solution. We don’t only offer telephone cabling solutions. We can provide much more. Our technicians have the expertise to install standard and structured telephone, Cat5e, Cat6, fiber, and paging cabling. If you are looking to add or install new cabling in your office, talk to one of our staff for a quote.



We can do that! Canwest Telephone Company has completed various unique projects in telecommunications. Sometimes organizations have very specific needs that extend past the expected scope of general telecommunications. Our sales staff would be happy to engage you on any such projects you have in mind. Please call our office and speak with one of our staff.

Special Projects